Job Board 2018

Beijing No.35 high school 北京市第三十五中学 in Beijing
 English Teacher with Master degree in September 40 hrs/w, 18000RMB/month. Other benefits: housing, airfare): very comfortable housing, meals at the renowned school restaurant, round-trip airfare, health insurance *Contact:Bessie Lv(email, phone), 010-63886502 [Posted 3-7-2018]
Little Player Sports in Shanghai is seeking a native English speaking football(soccer) coach for kids 3-12 years old. Previous coaching/childcare experience (including parenting ) is preferred. ¥200-300/hour. Less than 10 hours per week. Bo [Posted: 2-27-2018]
Chinese Language Institute (CLI)’s busy season for China Seminars is from March to July, although we are hiring part-time Program Leaders for China Seminars. Requirements
● Bachelor’s degree or higher
● Fluency in English
● Advanced proficiency in Mandarin. Contact: CLI’s Program Manager, Anias Stambolis-D’Agostino, at [Posted 2-8-2018]
Good Teachers Union is looking for an experienced special education teacher to teach children and young adults in Beijing.. ¥15,000-20,000 monthly. 40 hours/week. Please send a CV and cover letter to Tina. Always activate. Email: [Posted 2-7-2018]

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