A Route Over the Sea

Can there be a route for bicyclists ride on over the sea from Shanghai China to any nearest spot in Japan?

How many ships do we need?

What kind of ships do we need?

What are the innovative ways to connect ships to line in a row?

What will we do if there is a storm?

How big is this project?

Particularly, we need to hear a word from designers, ship builders, manufacturers, engineers, experts and bicyclists. When the engineers say ‘Yes, it is possible but there are consequences’; then it is a way to go. Designing or engineering ships reaching for long distance can be challenging. Financially, economically it must be a big project.

Ships line in a row from one spot to another spot, so flat and sturdy that bicyclists travel the whole distance. There will be businesses on decks of the ships: huts, or rest stations, restaurants, and shops.

Can ships be connected by couplers? In Japan high speed train run and proceed or stop even in earthquake situation. Can these couplers easily uncouples themselves into the shores divided 50/50 on Japanese shores and Chinese shores in case of emergency such as in earthquakes, storms or other dangerous threats?

We combine creative, imaginative, and realistic research and many people can be involved. When this project gets attention in one of powerful Chinese – Japanese creative agency to do the research.

Creative Writing by Uuriintuya Urjinbazar